Mystical atheism

Like Art and Science, Philosophy has its own specialized vocabulary; unhappily, my english isn't good enough to let me enter (for real) in a philosophical debate. So, I will forget all technicalities and explain myself Bergson in the simplest way possible.

1. The past survives. This is self-evident and needs no clarification.

2. But does the past need matter to survive? No. What a surprise! This is far from being self-evident. But (Bergson asks) why we refuse to the memory the same capacity we so easily and happily concede to matter: the capacity of survive by itself and in itself?

3. If the past survives, it must survive as a whole. So, it's the whole past that coexists with each and every present.

There's a lot more but it's too complicated. Anyway, this is enough at the moment. The past survives, it survives in itself and by himself, and it coexists as a whole with every single present.

But how much of this incredible richness do we use in our ordinary life? Just what we need to act in the present. We "use" (literally) just that memories that will be able to clarify and orientate our present situation. We forget all the rest, we forget everything we don't really need. But at night we dream.

Now let's suppose that someone managed to scape in some degree from the constraints of utilitarian life. Let's suppose that. Let's suppose that some among us have more "affinity" with the Past - just because they "know how" to forget the utilitarian field. We dream at night; they can do more than that. They may, for instance, spoke languages they never learnt, and much more.

This is quite enough to explain most of the strange occurrences we've heard about. And many other occurrences (like telepathy) may be explained by the simple fact that we are connected.

That's why I don't believe in afterlife or reincarnation. Things are much more beautiful than that. There's no afterlife because there's no dead: we live eternally one in another, in flesh and in spirit. Bergson is alive, he is speaking by me right now. But I'm speaking too... He, me and so many others. As a matter of fact, at some level there's no "me" and "you", "me" and "he", "me" and "them". With some lucky, one day we'll discover that there's only one (eternal) Life - and no egos at all. One flesh and one spirit in so many forms and shapes. Can we learn something in our lives? Can we evolve? Sure. But we have just this life to do that. Not a big deal, because every life comes from Life and we have all we need. So the question is: how much of Life can we bring to our life, how much Life can we give during our life? Because this is the past we will leave behind us.

Matter divide us (in all senses). Can we join again?

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